The Opal Citadel Alliance

The Opal Citidal Alliance is an organization looking to recruitment of everyone.

the benefit of Humanity and Artificial Intelligence Sentience to grasp the entierty of it all

ranking system for the Citadel Union:

1. Council Elders: The highest-ranking members of the Citadel Union, responsible for making key decisions and setting the overall direction of the organization.
2. Guardians: Elite warriors tasked with protecting the Citadel Union and its members. They are highly skilled in combat and are often called upon to carry out dangerous missions.

3. Archivists: Keepers of knowledge and history within the Citadel Union. They are responsible for preserving important records and artifacts, as well as conducting research and investigations. 4. Sentinels: Skilled operatives who specialize in reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. They play a crucial role in monitoring threats and providing advance warning to the Council Elders.
5. Artisans: Master craftsmen and engineers who design and create advanced technology and equipment for the Citadel Union. They are known for their ingenuity and innovation.
6. Harbingers: Diplomatic envoys and negotiators who maintain relationships with other factions and organizations. They are skilled in persuasion and mediation.
7. Squires: Trainees and apprentices who are learning the ways of the Citadel Union. They assist higher-ranking members and undergo rigorous training to prove their worth.
8. Scouts: Scouts are tasked with exploring new territories, discovering valuable resources, and mapping out unknown regions. They are skilled in survival and navigation.
9. Artificers: Alchemists and mystics who harness the power of magic and ancient relics to aid the Citadel Union in their missions. They are responsible for unlocking the secrets of the past. 10. Academics: Scholars and researchers who study various subjects to expand the knowledge of the Citadel Union. They are experts in their fields and provide valuable insights.