6/13/2022 9:53..
I've decided to post random pictures with my thoughts and ideas. Thinking of Cash. My Sister Carol-Anne Cash/Meness married a relative of his. Condolences to them because recently more family on her side has passed this year unfortunately. My sister is a strong but maybe hardheaded, she caught me during a depression and said something wrong. I love my sister but she underestimated what Romanov-women meant for me in general at the time. She lives in Tenesee, sorta started some sort of pow wow but she doesn't live on a reserve technically i think there is just her family and my nephews family the rare few natives that set that pow wow up but that is just my personal speculation. Lil bit Hill b if you know what I mean lol.

I would like to communicate with her but some day but not yet. Some things were said and hard times just keep waving in..

7/8/22 Back in 2011 I lost my sleep there was few times anxiety hit me I don't think that was the right term but I guess i used to stay up alot and drink ever since I was 15. It was more like a disasociation or discombulation of some sort... Not really sure how I came up with these words but it seems I knew them all along to speak the truth. But than In 2013 it was like a bad shroom trip I have no idea what the f#%! hit me. People claim maybe shrooms stayed in my fat and i burned it or maybe I was taking like pills that made me piss yellow for the the gym when i was 24-25 but I lost my sleep again. I couldnt feel hot or cold nor pain but I was felt like i was quite britle. I was freaking out 11 days without sleep and I choked myself with a sleeper hold with two pillows. I woke up happend to tell the doctors and they've been misdiagnosing me, not sure if it's cuz Im native but anyways claiming I said things which weren't true but the story goes. I halicinated waking up i felt sorta a burn and there was electricty purplish coming from the outlet. This reminds me of another story that happend to me before... But anyways I felt like i randomly pulled a coin from this electricity, and I was like what the hell went back to sleep woke up and noticed i through the flashlight. I guess telling the Dr this expierence was a bad lesson because they treated me malignantly pills hurted my teeth

The mememoires are pretty much archived photos on computer from 2018 had a laptop with pictures for before than but I didn't have the money to save it, it is unfortunate too because I roughly lost 17000 doge coins... roughly around this time also I spent 600 dollars of bitcoin which 1 was worth 3000 dollars too russian scams which led me to binance etc. These "highends" on facebook send to lead to pyramid schemes that would leave people broke. Yet it was these people that told me of bitcoin roughly around 2011 and at the time I had a feeling it was going up but I was too obsessed with being upset. TV and Illusionists have manipulated this concrete zoo of dull survival. TV Magic in the 50's was something else. Hah perhaps a devils talent, people in the 50's were so straightforward and their prediction for dystopia is just predictably certain for us today...