Greetings and Salutations. This site is new and is in the making I am attempting to use my weekends to relearn HTML  DreamWeaver for now And I was convinced by Network Chuck to build a website I haven't made a website since I was a teen and now in my early thirties. I am looking for people to help me verify my story and build my websites and I will gladly pay and make sure the cycle of is continious and fruitful with abundance.

To speak the truth I just made this website. 6/20/2021
I have made so many plans throughout my years on the interwebs the first time I made a website yet I've let time pass
and now i feel I am so creative but have no talent I first went online when I was tweleve and a friend taught me how to use the email. Back then passwords were like 12345678 the start of and we learned of msn chat and teenchat in school.
it was based on a clan that went and faught people in chatrooms with some weird role playing rules and people would cheat using word flooders and stuff in the end it seemed like people prepare and it was worth persuing any game. When I was thirteen I downloaded books like do not steal this book i learned about ares and warez kazaa napster P2P in general etc.. even made a .bat and killed a buncha computers in school when i was  15. By 16 I stopped using chatrooms I loved Newgrounds and tried raising states and even tried making some Macromedia flash

I persued the knowledge tried to date royals through social media, read and asked questions about freemasons and rothschild and rockefeller dynasties throughout my twenties and learned alot of my history in the archives  of the Ottawa, Pontiac and the great lakes and about the remaineder of those who survived smallpox were hunted. IE;' those who went to Wyendot were hunted by conquestidors and I was told by the cheif Jean-Guy before Dylan Whiteduck Quebec City the french protected the last of the Hurons that were wiped from smallpox by warfare IE General Amhurst and Peter Pond. The Chippewas tried to mimic the ottawa 4 gates protection strategy in Port-age when Hudson Bay Company was trading free alchohal for furs and jewelry.

In the 1830's my great grandfather was braught to Kitigan Zibi from three rivers two mountains, Oka he was 1 of 2 councillors of the cheif to Kitigan Zibi in 1840 I believe the other councillor was names Manana his name was Joseph Minens. My grandfather Jauques Minens was known to my family as a medicine man he also guided tourists in the park did work cutting trees in Fort Colongne Near Golden Lake. 
My grandpa Jauques did not speak english or french but was taught french by his wife Rose Racine who was from another community. They had Helen, Bertha, Angelique, Napoleon, Hector, Harry, Clifford Meness ..,

Jauques Minens Meness
  1878 - 1970 -

Clifford Russel Meness, Was Born August 27 1937 and Died In July 16 2016 He was a kind amd gentle man. Son of Rose and Jauques Minens. He was a carver, he sewed his own jeans he knew how to bead with the loom, he was a construction worker, he helped build one of the world trade centers to the 60th floor.

Clifford Meness was the youngest, he was my father a jack of all trades. He sewn, he was a carpenter. he was a master carver. He made peace pipes decorative, masks, drums. You can see some of his work at KZ something was taken by his daughter in tenesee a wolf mask. And unfortunatly my I have no idea what he did with his art pieces he seemed to always take something everytime he went down and I am left with like 3 things ultimately. I braught a peace pipe to Sweden in 2018 but I didnt give it to them but I did give them something from the community.
Clifford Died in the Maniwaki Hospital due to Kidney, Lung and Heart Complications. the Doctors gave him so many pills and added more every year.

From what I was told the Minens or Menegozij family was known as the Raven Clan I spose during the times of war. I red somewhere Beemajik IE Swan Clan but I do not remember much of that. My aunt Dorothy claimed we are eagles. Ravens were I guess internal external communicators. Its funny theres a Meness family in Scotland with coat of arms but I highly doubt we are related to them I heard a story about him he used to walk around alot and had a injured leg and walked with a stick and I guess some squirrel followed him and apparently had good aim. Some told me he was a medicine man but I do know he used to guide tourists in the park showing them the wildlife and teaching people roots as survival and medicinal purposes.

Jo Minens - 1861-66 I am not sure I will look into it but my grandfathers father was one of the two councillors to the Dessert River Band in 1860's I am trying to get information. I was told abit about coming from Two Rivers Three Mountains. It is hard to get information on my grandfather let alone his father. I don't even think he spoke much english or french. My Father told me there was Montagnais in the bloodline but from what I garnered in the archives it says possibly some Atikamekw


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