7/8 2022
The war in Ukraine is some shitty news and I agnostically pray the hack involving china. The best way to get feed back really is type Volgodamaps on youtube and there is an update on the weekly occurances. I had a friend I met in Sweden named Vitaly he was a carpenter and woodcarver. I would like to meet him again.

The russians scammed me of 900$ of Bitcoin when bitcoin was worth 3000$ on its weird how the right left spectrum is like the Left flag is Gay pride and the Right Flag would be Saudi Arabia. Life is maddening I may post photos of my dog I want to get another but am in debt at the moment, These sites aren't taking me anywhere haha oh well live and learn XI.

Well the pope visited, Im sure people like Constandin Cordas and Patricia Cormier Romanov are fully greatful. Reminds me when they gave the English Prince Of England A Headress.

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